Discovering Your True Worth


This is an 8–Session course for women who are ready to begin the process of discovering their true worth.


This workshop provides opportunity to consider how the way we see ourselves, both positively and negatively impacts our sense of self-worth. It will also help participants learn to strengthen their sense of worth to enhance their emotional well-being in positive ways.

Over the 8 weeks participants will:


  • Explore how the development of their own sense of self-worth has been impacted and how internal messages received in the past can be addressed.

  • Take a closer look at strengths, abilities and resources.

  • Learn about how changing unhealthy attitudes involves recognising that true worth is not determined by how others may have valued (or devalued) them in the past.

  • Be encouraged to consider how to appreciate their worth from a spiritual perspective.

  • Gain understanding of grief and loss and how it can impact us

  • Explore the process of forgiveness

  • How to intentionally take responsibility for themselves, using the resources available both within themselves and in the community.

  • Positively affirm who they are and acknowledge their values.


We request a $5 koha for course attendance to help cover costs.


The workshop-style courses are held from 9.30am to 12.15pm on Fridays at St Peters Church, cnr Cameron Rd & Spring St, Tauranga Central


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

This course runs in Term 1 and Term 3 for 8 weeks

Time: 9:30am-12.15pm

Spaces on this popular course are limited and enrollment is essential

 Contact St Peters House on  571-5916


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February 2021.

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