Why counselling?


People from all walks of life come for counselling irrespective of culture, gender, sexuality or religious beliefs. Counselling provides space and time to discuss, and work on, issues that are troubling you. Counselling is non-judgmental; it is designed to encourage clients to find the freedom to be honest about their struggles.


Counselling can empower people to deal with the issues that have had a negative impact on their lives.


People come for counselling for a range of reasons;
  • depression, anxiety, grief, stress,

  • family or relationship issues,

  • loneliness, a sense of emptiness

  • major life changes e.g. redundancy, ill-health etc.

  • and many more.



How the counsellor will work with you
  • The approach our counsellors use helps people explore the effects that problems are having on every aspect of their lives and discover the strengths they have to move forward.

  • Counselling sessions are usually scheduled for one hour.

  • Counsellors will respect your beliefs, values and culture

  • Counsellors will not tell you what do. They are there to support you towards making your own decisions.



About our Counsellors


We only employ fully qualified counsellors who hold professional qualifications and are registered with a relevant professional body.



How to make an appointment


If you would like to have counselling at St Peters House, please phone during our office hours and leave your contact details. A counsellor will contact you within a few days and arrange an appointment. We are currently not able to offer evening appointments.

Counselling is provided without charge (up to 6 session) although we provide a sliding scale of suggested donation level. Please consider supporting our service.


Professional Guidelines


Counsellors work within the guidelines of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors Code of Ethics.

All counselling is conducted in confidence unless :


  1. A court of law subpoenas the records for a case in which you are involved

  2. There is a serious concern for your safety or the safety of others, including children. If possible this would be discussed with the client first.

Professional Guidelines Continued


  • Notes are kept in a locked file.

  • Clients have the right to view notes on request.

  • All counsellors receive regular clinical supervision.

  • Counsellors have opportunities to continue to develop their professional skills.

  • If the counsellor believes that it is more appropriate for the client to be seen at an alternative service the client would be advised appropriately.


You are free to stop coming to counselling at any time and do not have tell your counsellor why you have chosen not to continue. However, it would be very helpful for us to know whether or not you have been happy with our service.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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