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St Peters House provide quality services, more importantly we do it because we are concerned about many things in our society, our heart is in what we do. However, we are limited in terms of what we can do without committed volunteers. We have many volunteers whose time commitment ranges from many hours a week to the occasional baking for people who use our services.


If you would like to volunteer in any way please talk to us. Whilst you may not know how you can help please talk to us because we will probably be able to find you a job!


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

~Anne Frank


We are very ready for you to start, so is our society; 
Call us on 07 5715916 to make it happen.



We are always growing and developing, however our aim is to be more organism than organisation, one that healthily grows to meet need. Driven by a heart to make a difference rather than growth for its own sake.


This means we always have volunteer vacancies and at times we have paid vacancies. Any vacancies will be advertised here and on our Facebook page.


We have no paid positions available at this time.



All sorts of people volunteer with all sorts of skills and abilities.

If you want to make a difference talk to us

Why I Volunteer - Rosamonds Story


Having previously worked in the health sector, and specifically in mental health and general practice I have often thought that what some people most need to move them past obstacles in their life is not more professional help but a supportive community where they can find validation and hone some of the skills that they may lack. What I have found at St Peters House is such a community; both for myself as a volunteer and for clients. There is a wonderful atmosphere of positive love and support which is often commented on by those coming through the door. St Peters House also has the strength of being underpinned by a professional counsellor and other experienced staff with wide networks so there is a good chance that although you may not be able to solve all the problems of all of the people (I wish!) there is always something that you can offer and someone else on the staff who has another idea or solution. It gives me a lot of security, as a volunteer, to know that there is all that experience and expertise available.


As soon as I heard Liz speaking in church and highlighting the work of St Peters House I knew that I wanted to be involved in this ministry in some way. In one of those God moments I knocked on the door, was ushered in and instantly slotted into a volunteer position as a ‘befriender’ attending one of the courses being run here.


It has been hugely exciting to see new ministries start operating from St Peters House over the last year and to know that there are even more opportunities to serve. It has struck me over the time of my involvement with the center how the small services I can offer to people are appreciated so much. It can be quite significant for someone to find out that there is someone else who cares enough to phone them or take them out for coffee, or give them a ride to an appointment or cook them a meal.


It is also exiting when you have built a relationship and are then asked to share about your journey with God. It sometimes takes that event to remind me just how much more we have to offer than the practical (and essential) services that St Peters House provides. We are known by a loving God who longs to know us more and to see us walk in abundant life. It is that abundance of life that I long for myself and I would want for those who come to the centre. St Peters House is a fantastic way to get to know the wider community and to share who we are and what we have. By being part of it I can feel like I am helping build a ‘community of Christ’ albeit in my small way. And for me that is one of the things I appreciate about St Peters House; the way that we can all contribute in small or large ways and know that every bit helps to build a positive presence and bring about change in our part of Tauranga

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